Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

5 Steps enable video call skype on N900

New frimware on Nokia N900 already present ... this function frimware for enable feature video call on the Skype.

User can not only enjoy the service normal video call, but Features video call can be made between devices Nokia N900 or N900 to PC. how to operate fairly easy,user simply touch the camera button on the screen for enable.


Ok next 5 Steps enable feature video call on the skype :

1. your activate account skype on N900, to SETTING > VOIP and IM account. select "NEW" then   on   "SKYPE".
     2.when skype account already, select  Availability to mode "ONLINE".
     3.go to contact,select our one friend that her account active.
     4.select video call skype.
     5.If we interact with users through a video call another N900,he will be able to see our,
        We also can turn off the camera that appears for hide our face.

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